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Published: 2 years ago

Things to know about pigment and reactive fabric printing

You can find many Methods t shirt printing (t kreklu apdruka) that you may utilize when t krekluapdruka. Reactive fabric printing and pigment material printing are just some of the many approaches that you may choose to use to publish your T-shirt. Know about these before deciding whether they really are what you need to use.

• Pigment printing:It is among the very popular printing methods for use on portable fibers, and thus, it is easy to use them on pure fabrics. You can utilize it on synthetic materials also rendering it a pretty versatile method. It’s a method that’s localized between the application form of dye to the fabric section that you would like to find the plan onto it’s achieved slowly and gradually, around and over again until along with builds up.

o Experts
§ It Is a method for printing that’s high rate
§ It Is a brilliant printing for everlasting colour
§ It Is very cost-effective because there is no utilization of high-end products
§ Excellent For color fitting and super easy to do
o Disadvantages
§ as an Alternative Of the dye embedding into the material, it sits at top
§ You May not apply it directly into the fabric
§ Colour Becomes less with the more hours that you employ on the same stuff
§ A Coating is made to the fabric as a result of work with binders

• Re-Active printing: it’s a fabric printing method that is heating activated. Pre-coating of the materials is done and then using a chemical and printing additives, then it is going to print dye or wax on the material. The warmth then permanently bonds the content and also the color. It is just like coating that the cloth material with the design

o Pros
§ Rub And wash fast
§ The Chemical bond generated between the fabric and the ink
o Negatives
§ Requires pre-treatment
§ Maybe Not Easy to take on

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